Jaw pain is probably the most common symptom in TMJ. After all, the temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. But this doesn’t mean that all jaw joint pain is the same or that it’s easily diagnosed.

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Sore Jaw Muscles

Jaw PainThe most common and most easily treated jaw pain related to TMJ is muscles pain. This occurs when your jaw joint is out of balance and it causes your jaw muscles to work inefficiently or even work against one another. Your jaw imbalance may put your jaw in a position where your jaw muscles are working hard, even when they’re supposed to be relaxing.

This is the type of jaw pain that’s most likely to flare up when you work your jaw hard, whether it’s actually working on chewing or if it’s just clenching because of tension or while you sleep. It’s also the kind of jaw pain most closely associated with regular tension headaches.

Pinched Nerves in the Jaw

Another common cause of jaw pain is pinched nerves. When you have pinched nerves in the jaw, you’ll likely experience a sharp, electric pain when opening or closing your jaw. Sometimes jaw pain due to pinched nerves won’t actually be pain. It could be numbness or tingling in the jaw.

This is the type of jaw pain most often associated with migraines and some types of tinnitus.

Jaw Joint Damage

If your jaw joint is being damaged because of TMJ, you might experience pain in the actual joint itself. The most common cause of this is when the cushioning disc in the joint has become displaced. You might notice a pop or click and perhaps irregular motion when it slips back into place (the moving out of place does not normally cause symptoms). You may even have your jaw get locked closed or open.

When the disc is out of place, the pressure of the joint comes down on the ligaments meant to secure the disc in place. Without adequate cushioning, the bone may begin to grind. This can cause inflammation and pain.

Getting this type of pain treated quickly is important, because progressive jaw joint damage may require surgery to repair.

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