For people with anxiety about a dental appointment, it can be hard to relax and let the dentist work. It can be hard just to make it to the dentist’s office in the first place. And while some people can benefit from sedation dentistry, others don’t like the idea of getting drugged up to go to the dentist. NuCalm is a new approach to feeling at ease at the dentist’s office. Designed by a dentist, it uses the brain’s own relaxation mechanisms to remove anxiety and replace it with peace.

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What NuCalm Does

NuCalm is a scientifically designed approach to relaxation that is designed to put you into the alpha stage of sleep, just the beginning of falling asleep. Think of what it’s like at the end of the day when you finally lie down in bed and release all your cares. You can feel yourself getting heavier as the world and all its cares become more distant from your mind, which begins to wander in a playground all its own: daydreams, wishes, and visions all pass before your mind’s eye as you drift off.

When NuCalm works, you are physically incapable of having an anxious response to your dental care—you’re too deep in the beginnings of sleep, similar to a state you might reach during deep meditation.

How NuCalm Works

NuCalm-cropepdNuCalm works through a controlled process that puts your brain through the steps it naturally follows as it’s getting you ready for sleep.

All-natural supplements include food-derived ingredients. These tablets work to control your body’s production of and response to adrenaline and cortisol—stress hormones—and put you into a sleep state.

Cranial electric stimulation (CES) helps your body to absorb the natural ingredients. Typically, when you’re stressed, your body wants to ignore hormones that make you want to sleep, but a gentle electric activates your brain’s receptors, making them open to becoming relaxed.

Headphones play calming music that has embedded into it special frequencies that reduce your brain wave activity to a relaxed state.

Light-blocking glasses remove your body’s tendency to be alert in response to light, especially the bright lights that are used by a dentist to illuminate your mouth for treatment.

With these four techniques combined, about 95% of patients feel relaxation during their dental treatment. Best of all, NuCalm takes just a few minutes: about three minutes to apply and less than five minutes before you feel the effects.

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