Going to the dentist is rarely on someone’s list of things they look forward to, but we’re trying to change that. Have you ever thought of going to the dentist as a relaxing, enjoyable experience? It can be, and we’ll show you how.

At Robinson Dental Studio, we strive to make your dental visit…well, enjoyable. We’ve got an entire menu of comfort options designed to help you relax and get the most from your time with us:

Wrapped in Comfort

We want you to be relaxed and comfortable while we treat you, so choose one of our soft blankets and cushy pillows and snuggle down into our comfy treatment chair. You won’t have to feel a chill or be too warm. You can get the temperature just right. And don’t worry about dozing off—we’ll wake you when your appointment’s over so you can get back to the less relaxing things you have to do today.

Entertaining Comfort

With our new Myvu goggles, you’ll enjoy your next visit more than you thought possible. You can watch the latest flicks on these hi-tech glasses while we give you a movie star smile. The sound is great and the video is the equivalent of watching a large-screen TV from about six feet away. We have a wide selection of options to choose from or bring your own favorites.

Comfort foods

Mmm…nothing smells better than home baked cookies, and you’ll find their heavenly aroma wafting through our halls throughout the day. This isn’t a scented candle—those are real cookies you’re smelling. And since you can’t relax with a growling stomach, be sure to get a cookie or bottle of water as you come in or on your way out.

Extra Comfort

From aromatherapy lotions and candles to an all-encompassing soothing atmosphere, we’ve created a patient-centered experience designed around your comfort. Pick the scents, sounds, and feelings that make you feel most at peace, and we will get them for you.

The Science of Comfort

And for people who feel true anxiety at the dentist, we offer a new scientific form of relaxation: NuCalm. NuCalm was designed by neurologists to defuse your anxiety and help you feel relaxed without drugs. Instead, soothing sounds and natural supplements put your brain into its relaxation mode, helping you feel at ease.

If you’re looking for a dental experience in Winston-Salem that’s more comfortable than you’ve ever felt before, please contact Robinson Dental Studio today.