Whiter teeth illuminate your smile. We’ll help you get pearly whites using the latest technologies in professional tooth whitening. Our tooth whitening treatments are safe and effective and provide noticeable results — so get ready for the compliments.

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What Causes Teeth Staining?

Your teeth seem like they’re solid and smooth, but on a microscopic level, they’re porous. This allows air and moisture to penetrate and leave the tooth, which is vital for the pulp and helps repair and strengthen the enamel. But it also means that staining molecules can penetrate the teeth and become lodged there.

There are many sources of staining molecules, including:

  • Smoking
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Colored sodas
  • Chocolate
  • Berries
  • Dark beers
  • Red wine

And foods don’t even have to be dark in color to contain staining compounds. For example, potatoes and apples look white, but the compounds that turn them brown and black when exposed to air will turn your teeth dark as well.

How KöR Whitening Works

Healthy teen mouthTeeth whitening works by using chemicals that can enter your enamel the same way stains do, but they attack the stains and break them down, using a form of oxygen called peroxide. With these stains gone, your teeth return to their natural color.

One limit of teeth whitening, though, is that it works only on surface stains. For some whitening techniques, this may limit the effectiveness. KöR is the latest advancement in whitening. By increasing the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen, the KöR deep bleaching system produces superior, consistent, and permanent results. It can produce dramatic results, even on the darkest stains. The superior fit of the KöR whitening trays also protects the whitening compound from saliva, which dilutes and disables it. And the trays keep the compound off your gums, so you get better whitening with less gum irritation.

It’s also very comfortable for patients with sensitive teeth because it includes special compounds that help protect your teeth. Developed by a dentist KöR is considered to be the most reliable and effective bleaching system ever developed.

The Limits of Teeth Whitening

However, teeth whitening may not work if discoloration of your teeth is due to something other than surface stains, such as:

  • Thin enamel
  • Enamel defects
  • Metal fillings
  • Tooth decay
  • Injured or dead tooth pulp

In these cases, we may have to use other strategies to whiten your teeth, such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, tooth-colored fillings, and even a root canal.

To learn which teeth whitening solution is right for you, please contact Robinson Dental Studio in Winston-Salem.